As an Accredited Associate Coach (ICF) I take a supportive and creative approach, enabling clients to achieve personal growth and development by focussing on insight, awareness, attitude & choice.

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A lot of my formative experience as an explorer was out in the world, travelling as an undergraduate anthropologist and then as an expedition leader to remote parts of the world. It was only on my return home when in my early 30s that I realised the biggest mountains to climb were the ones inside. Imagine that, not so exotic!

How I work

Coaching from the perspective of an explorer, is about understanding the current internal & external landscapes, acknowledging the reality in which we begin. With a clearer sense of where we are, we can begin to get a sense of where our journey is moving towards. As with any expedition, a strong basecamp will be essential to both resource and support us as we step forward. We take time to ensure that you are fully prepared, helping you draw upon all that you need, to be able and capable in making the next move.

More formally, my approach is collaborative and sensitive and I work in an organised manner to support and challenge clients to know themselves better, helping them achieve their potential.

My work is informed by a comprehensive experience of facilitating leadership programmes, team development events & personal development programmes working with a wide range of clients from across the Voluntary, Public & Private Sectors.


I draw upon frameworks from Systemic Coaching, Experiential Learning, Applied Emotional Intelligence, Humanistic Psychology, Organisation & Family Constellation as well as the School of Hard Knocks ;-), to  support clients (and the systems in which we are a part) in finding ways to flourish.

To keep my coaching practice fresh and maintain a healthy approach to my own work, I undergo coaching supervision and as a member of the International Coaching Federation I follow their code of practice which you can find here.


My clients come from all backgrounds, some in a position to meet the going rate for executive coaching, others who are in flux and may meet the value exchange in other ways. I invite you to trust yourself and place one foot forward, knowing that the ground will be there to support your next move.


If this is the right time and right place, I'd be delighted to begin a conversation with you.


Jeremy Le Fevre
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“I would like to thank Jez for his immense support as my coach during this process. I could not have achieved all of the above without his calm presence, his perceptive questions, his patient encouragement and his belief in me. I would unreservedly recommend Jez as a coach to anyone who is keen to take a personal journey of reflection, exploration and goal-setting to enable them to take steps to make their aspirations a reality!”

Rachel B, PHd 

"I find Jeremy full of passion and wisdom, During coaching sessions he partners with the client in a courageous exploration leading to an unfolding of the essence of the truth for the client.

Jeremy co-creates a powerful space where is is authentic, connected and tuned to the client on a holistic level. He draws from both observing and hearing the client as well as from his inner knowing. This way he invites the client to explore beyond current thinking into new and potential perspectives."

Joanna, ICF Mentor Coach

"Jeremy provides a strong yet subtle structure to his coaching sessions that instantly puts you at ease, and allows the cognitive side of the brain to switch off and the subconscious to emerge. I was totally surprised by the process and the outcome of our hour together, feeling able dive into my own creativity and through this find profound insight. Jeremy is able to provide a mirror so that the wisdom comes from yourself, which is an invisible skill and a masterful talent."

Beatrix, Facilitator

“Thank you for our last session. So very much. I found in the following last few days i was able to shift my relationship with my inner critic to one of compassion and companionship.” 

Sennen, Composer & Producer 

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Jeremy is an Explorer who helps individuals and teams beyond boundaries. He's based in the South West although finds himself working across the country as a Coach, a Facilitator & Wilderness Guide.


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