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Dance for International Women's Day 2019

Dancing often happens when the wine’s been flowing. But when we dance straight, the natural high we get gives us confidence to hardwire the good stuff and sweat out the stories we no longer need, accepting the thoughts and feelings behind them instead of fighting them


A project in association with Feed the Fire

Spring 2019

Between Light

La Dance Prochain

Queuing up for the next Everything is Connected session, this is a selection of my homework. Date to be confirmed. I'm sure your not meant to share your work before the drop, but hey, let's turn things on their head.

Stick it on - and move 🙂

Autumn 2018

Walking the talk Baja California

Nomad Stores Session

The Inaugural Mix for the Nomad Stores Sessions:

Session #1: Birth of tha Beat by Future Natural

An Autumnal Soundtrack for Explorers. A Collection of fine tunes that have been harvested to celebrate the end of a Growing Year. Time to compost the unwanted and nourish seeds yet to come. Here's to some fine adventures ahead 😉

Autumn 2018

Marrakesh Airport


A gathering of tracks, all curious, that have been around with me over the last few months. I never cease to be amazed by the width, breadth and depth musicians continue to take us on their quest for the expression of their truth.

Summer 2018

Buds on an Oak Tree


Reaching out to share some of the tunes that have found their way to me as this Winter has begun to turn towards Spring. A mix of softness, nurturing, nourishing and rising energy as a reminder of the returning cycle of the seasons, and remembering that our evolution continues with the planet.

Spring 2018



With 32 tracks, this is a 3 CD (3-hour) deep dive sound track to lay the foundation for your new year ahead. Mixed for cooking, long runs, sanding, painting or midnight drives back home. Maybe download to listen off-line? Consider supporting the artists by buying tunes direct. Best wishes y'all

Winter/Spring 2018

Dark Akashic Set.001


A set originally put together by James Watts & Jez Le Fèvre for the Everything is Connected Community Part of a DJ-mixed/live set performed in Frome 15th Dec 2017.
Live line up James Watts (Du-Duk, Oboe), Jez Le Fèvre (Push & Effects), Phil Simpson (tuned frame drums) & Bob Hillary (Slide Guitar)

Winter 2017


Jeremy is an Explorer who helps individuals and teams beyond boundaries. I'm based in the South West although find myself working across the country as a Coach, a Facilitator & Wilderness Guide.


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