Special Events

Experiential Learning

Cultures of learning are at the heart of every successful human business. We help support the development of cultures of trust that allow for learning (& mistakes) to take place; opportunities for leadership & in-depth feedback in a supportive generative environment, help teams fail quickly, prototype and iterate fast.

Team Development

Moments away from the focus of your work can provide golden opportunities to develop emotionally intelligent relationships that can support resilience within your business. Taking time to enquire, acknowledge and appreciate colleagues opens the doors to efficiency & productivity back in the workplace.

Tailored Programmes

Understanding the needs of your organisation puts our work into context. We work in partnership with you to understand your strategic goals and develop event narratives so that they become meaningful for all participants. Time well spent in planning reaps multiple rewards.

Nurturing your nature

We take a supportive and creative approach to developing teams, drawing upon the experience and insight of your organisation as well as the many events that we’ve been part of. We find that this enables clients and their teams to achieve personal growth and development by focussing on insight, awareness, attitude & choice.

Our approach is collaborative and sensitive and we work in an organised manner to support and challenge people to know themselves better and help them achieve their potential. Our work is informed by a comprehensive experience of facilitating groups and personal development programmes and we have worked with a wide range of clients from the Voluntary, Public & Private Sectors.

Walking the talk Baja California

Your Team

We draw upon a pool of skilled associates including facilitators, event organisers, coaches and safety staff qualified in a range of disciplines and methodologies including Mountain Leadership, Applied Emotional Intelligence, C-Me Personality Profiling, Experiential Learning, Group Facilitation & Coaching Practice.

All events are risk-assessed & insured, although we cannot guarantee the weather 😉



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