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Beyond Boundaries

Boundaries are useful, they keep us safe, let us know where we stand, help us keep ourselves together. What happens when those boundaries have become too comfortable, or when factors outside of our control challenge our lives, our businesses or our way of thinking?

Leading Beyond Boundaries is a coaching relationship to support professionals who are facing such challenges explore & navigate their worlds with a different mindset.



Systemic Intelligence

Calling upon personal resilience and intuitive thinking, other ways of knowing, giving ourselves space to attend to the signs that are around, cultivating our senses and attenuating ourselves, ready to strike at the point when the chance arises.


This way that way Blackheath


A series of short sessions that can be taken remotely to help leaders to reflect on their leadership style, their interactions with the people they work with, their current position and the direction they are heading.


A range of interventions from emotional intelligence and personality profiling, to specialised events, all designed to enhance your team’s effectiveness.


Individual Coaching

There are several options you can take from a short focused session to explore how you might shift a difficult situation all the way through to a longer but time bounded relationship where we can work systematically on an aspect of your working relationships. With all approaches we will explore the wider system in which the challenges arise to enable you to be skilful & sensitive in creating a positive shift.